rohm group environmental certifications

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locations certification certificate date certificate body
certificaate no.
goods or services in respect of which the film is registered.
rohm co., ltd. ('98.5.29)/'21.11.17/'24.11.16 jqa/jqa-em0170 design / development, manufacture, sales and distribution of ics and other electronic components, etc.
  rohm co., ltd. head office design / development, manufacture and sales of ics and electronic components, etc.
rohm co., ltd. shiga factory manufacture of discrete semiconductors (wafer process).
rohm co., ltd. yokohama technology center design / development and sales of ics.
rohm wako co., ltd. manufacture of ics, diodes, leds and laser diodes.
rohm apollo co., ltd. head office manufacture of transistors, diodes, tantalum capacitors, resistor and module.
rohm apollo co., ltd. chikugo factory manufacture of ics and discretes (wafer process).
rohm apollo co., ltd. nagahama factory manufacture of silicon wafers.
rohm apollo co., ltd. yukuhashi factory manufacture of ics.
rohm hamamatsu co., ltd. manufacture of ics and leds (wafer process).
rohm mechatech co., ltd. design / development and production of dies. production of lead frames.
rohm logistec co., ltd. distribution of rohm group products.
lapis semiconductor co., ltd. head office headquarters management work and foundry business work of involved in ics manufacturing.
lapis semiconductor co., ltd. miyazaki plant manufacture of ics and sic (wafer process).
lapis semiconductor co., ltd. miyagi plant manufacture of ics.
lapis technology co., ltd. design/development and sales of lsis.
rohm korea corporation. daejeon plant manufacture of transistors and diodes.
rohm mechatech(thailand)co., ltd. ('15.1.9)/'21.1.9/'24.1.8 jqa/jqa-em7128
  • ・the manufacture of lead frames
  • ・the manufacture, modification and repair of mould sets as well as their parts
  • ・the manufacture of stem parts for laser diodes
rohm mechatech philippines,inc. ('15.2.12)/’21.2.12/'24.2.11 tuv/ 44 104 15 93 0014 design and manufacturing of leadframes and precision tooling and related parts
rohm-wako electronics (malaysia) sdn. bhd. ('19.4.7)/'22.7.21/'25.4.6 bureau veritas/my009168 manufacture of diodes and light emitting diodes (led).
rohm semiconductor(china)co., ltd. ('21.2.3)/'22.5.11/'25.5.10 tuv rheinland 01 104 1533133 manufacturing of diodes, transistors, light-emitting bodies (led), displays, sensors and laser diodes
rohm self-declaration system
  rohm electronics philippines, inc. ('06.8.10)/'21.8.10/'24.8.9 rohm/(rems-012) manufacture of monolithic ic's, transistors, diodes and resistors.
rohm integrated systems (thailand) co., ltd. ('06.8.10)/'21.8.10/'24.8.9 rohm/(rems-013) manufacture of semiconductor electronics monolithic intergrated circuits (ic-wafer testing, sawed die), transistors, diodes, resistors (microchip resistor), tantalum capacitors (tantalum pellet & coated tantalum pellet), optical module (hall element sensor) and wireless modules.
rohm electronics dalian co., ltd. ('02.12.17)/'21.9.3/'24.9.2 rohm/(rems-004) manufacture of power modules, thermal printheads, contact image sensors and optical modules.

iso14001: environmental management system.

current as of 12/5/2023

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independent verification of environmental data

the rohm group received an independent verification of its environmental impact data by bureau veritas japan co., ltd. in order to disclose information to society with higher transparency and reliability.

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