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    • μc3 (micro c cube) from eforce
      (open source) rtx from arm

      related products: ml7416n

    • the following products are released from rohm.
      bp35a1 (with ml7396b)
      bp35c0/bp35c2 (with ml7416n)

      related products: ml7344/ml7406 family, ml7345 family, ml7396 family, ml7404, ml7414, ml7416n

    • this function allows a user application to be written from a pc through the ml7416n uart pin without using a debugger. the isp function is implemented in advance in the ml7416n boot program.

      related products: ml7416n

    • commercially available arm cpu core-enabled tools (ide, debuggers) can be used. the operation of the following tools have been confirmed at lapis.
      keil mdk-arm & ulink2 from arm
      ewarm & i-jet from iar

      related products: ml7416n

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