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    • there are three ways to write to the built-in flash during mass production.

      (1) write and ship at our factory
      (2) write by the customer with a third-party flash writer (write using the flash memory interface)
      (3) write using the clock synchronous serial interface of the mcu command interface

      for details on the flash memory rewrite function, refer to "function description" and "flash memory rewrite function" in the data sheet.
    • products: speech synthesis lsis
    • please set with speech lsi utility.
      please refer to speech lsi utility user's manual.
      3.2.9. selecting source oscillation frequency(fosc) user setting parameter dialog box(ml22(q)53x/62x/66x)
    • products: speech synthesis lsis
    • it is not always necessary to connect the cbusy b terminal to the master side. if you do not connect the cbusyb pin to the master side, follow the cbusyb "l" level output time described in the ac characteristics.
      for playback command reception, the rdstat command can be used to read the internal busy b status.
      we recommend that you check busy b with the rdstat command and periodically check whether the command has been accepted.
    • products: speech synthesis lsis
    • when using an external amplifier, select a class ab amplifier. moreover, lout (line amplifier output dedicated terminal) and spp (line amplifier output settable terminal) are carried in ml22q53x series.
      we recommend using lout and spp.
    • products: speech synthesis lsis
    • capacitor between power supply and gnd, speaker, a ceramic resonator etc. is required. see the application circuit example in the product data sheet for more information.
    • products: speech synthesis lsis
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