• ram variables can be assigned to fixed addresses using the segnoinit pragma and seginit pragma.
      the segnoinit pragma is a pragma for allocating variables without initialization, and the seginit pragma is a pragma for allocating variables with initialization to a specific area.

      #pragma segnoinit 0xe000 /*example1 */
      int ni_var1; /*ni_var1 is allocated to address 0xe000 */
      int ni_var2; /*ni_var2 is allocated to address 0xe002 */
      #pragma segnoinit /* end of segnoinit pragma (optional) */

      #pragma seginit 0xe100 /*example1 */
      int var1 = 0x1234; /*var1 is allocated to address 0xe100 */
      int var2 = 0x5678; /*var2 is allocated to address 0xe102 */
      #pragma seginit /* end of seginit pragma (optional) */

      please also refer to "how to allocate functions and variables to specific areas" on our product site's support contents for the ml62q1000 series.
    • products: general-purpose mcus (16bit)