gan hemt power stage ics

gan hemt power stage ics-ag旗舰平台尊龙

rohm's gan hemt power stage ics provide an optimum solution for all electronics systems that requires high power density and efficiency.
a gan hemt and a gate drive driver optimized to maximize the performance of the gan hemt are included in one package. with wide input voltage range 2.5v to 30v, it can be combined with any controller ic.
this ic is designed to adapt major exist controllers, so that it also can be used to replace the traditional discrete power switches, such as super junction mosfet.

rohm continues to improve device performance through its ecogan™ lineup of gan devices that contributes to greater energy application savings and miniaturization. while developing rohm products, we will also promote joint development through strategic partnerships to contribute to solving social issues by making applications more efficient and compact.
* ecogan™ is a trademark or registered trademark of rohm co., ltd.