sct3017al是650v 118a的nch sic功率mosfet。

* 本产品是标准级的产品。


型号 | sct3017algc11
status | 推荐品
封装 |
包装数量 | 450
最小独立包装数量 | 30
包装形态 | tube
rohs |
长期供货计划 | 10 years


drain-source voltage[v]


drain-source on-state resistance(typ.)[mω]



3rd gen (trench)

drain current[a]


total power dissipation[w]


junction temperature(max.)[°c]


storage temperature (min.)[°c]


storage temperature (max.)[°c]


package size [mm]

16x21 (t=5.2)


・ low on-resistance
・ fast switching speed
・ fast reverse recovery
・ easy to parallel
・ simple to drive
・ pb-free lead plating ; rohs compliant

reference design / application evaluation kit

    • reference design - refpdt007
    • 5kw high-efficiency fan-less inverter
    • we employ trans-linked interleaved circuits as inverter circuits that utilize the high frequency switching performance of silicon carbide (sic) mosfet, achieving a power conversion efficiency of 99% or more at 5kw.since this circuit topology allows a reduction in the inductance of the smoothing reactor, the high efficiency is achieved by reducing the number of windings of the reactor to dramatically reduce the copper loss. these novel inverter circuits have been developed jointly with power assist technology ltd. ()

      this reference design consists of three boards. each is shown below.

      • refpdt007-evk-001a power stage
      • refpdt007-evk-001b controller board
      • refpdt007-evk-001c aux power supply

      since the interleaved type using sic mosfet (sct3017al, sct3030al) has an efficiency of 99.0% (total loss 51 w),heat generation is reduced, and the circuit can be cooled with downsized heat radiation fins without using a cooling fan.furthermore, since the apparent switching frequency is doubled for the interleaved type, the smoothing filter is downsized by a factor of 2 in its size and weight.


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