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ac voltage detection zero-cross ic high precision dc voltage output type

bm1z102fj-evk-001 is equipped with bm1z102fj. this evaluation board outputs a zero cross signal from 90 vac to 264 vac input.

  • this evaluation board is mounted with bm1z102fj which outputs high precision zero cross timing of targeted ac voltage
  • and the dc voltage after diode rectification with high accuracy.
  • the evaluation board is also mounted with power supply for the ic.

design resources

  • bm1z102fj-evk-001


board number input voltage range input frequency output voltage(high level) output voltage(low level) delay time dcout pin voltage operating temperature
bm1z102fj-evk-001 90 to 264vac 47 to 63hz 5v(typ.) 0.1v(max.) 0µs 0.915 to 1.07v vvh_dc=100v -10 to 65deg.c

distribution inventory

board number distributor quantity available
bm1z102fj-evk-001 6
inquiry 1

key components

board number part number product category datasheet status spice ltspice thermal model symbol & footprint 3d step samacsys ecad library calc tool rohm solution simulator
bm1z102fj-evk-001 bd50fa1fp3 linear regulators recommended -
bm1z102fj-evk-001 bm1z102fj ac voltage zero cross detection ics recommended -
bm1z102fj-evk-001 bm2p129tf ac/dc converters ics recommended -
bm1z102fj-evk-001 rfn1lam6s fast recovery diodes recommended -
bm1z102fj-evk-001 rre02vsm6s rectifier diodes recommended -