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integrating battery charging algorithm, 2.5kw llc dcdc converter

the refpdt001 evk is a digital design platform for 2.5kw dc/dc convertor based on full bridge llc topology with an output 55v/ 45a with an input dc bus volatge of 380v. the evk supports battery charging alogrithm with constant voltage and constant curnt operation to be used with 48v lithum ion battery.

  • constant current operation
  • constant voltage operation
  • output over voltage protection
  • output over current protection
  • reverse battery protection
  • can communication
  • rs485 communication
  • lcd interface

design resources

  • refpdt001-evk-001a
  • refpdt001-evk-001b


board number power supply voltage range output current interface
refpdt001-evk-001a 160 v to 265 v 55a can and rs485
refpdt001-evk-001b 160 v to 265 v 55a can and rs485

distribution inventory

board number distributor quantity available
refpdt001-evk-001a -
refpdt001-evk-001b -

key components

board number part number product category datasheet status spice ltspice thermal model symbol & footprint 3d step samacsys ecad library calc tool rohm solution simulator
refpdt001-evk-001a bm61m41rfv-c gate drivers recommended -
refpdt001-evk-001a kdzvtf12b zener diodes recommended -
refpdt001-evk-001a r6042jnz4 190 to 800v power mosfets recommended -
refpdt001-evk-001a rb560vm-40 schottky barrier diodes recommended -
refpdt001-evk-001a rfn2lam6s fast recovery diodes recommended -
refpdt001-evk-001a rr2lam6s rectifier diodes not recommended for new designs -
refpdt001-evk-001a ufzvfh18b zener diodes recommended -
refpdt001-evk-001b ba17805fp linear regulators recommended -
refpdt001-evk-001b ba33bc0fp linear regulators recommended -
refpdt001-evk-001b bdj6fd0wfp2 linear regulators recommended -
refpdt001-evk-001b bm2p014 ac/dc converters ics recommended -
refpdt001-evk-001b rf05vam2s fast recovery diodes recommended -
refpdt001-evk-001b rf201lam2s fast recovery diodes recommended -