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industry 48v, 400w isolated dc-dc converter with ecogan™

these are 48v isolated dc/dc converter reference design equipped with ecogan™, a next-generation device that is expected to greatly contribute to energy saving and miniaturization of equipments. taking advantage of ecogan™'s device features, it is driven at high-speed switching frequencies (~500 khz) , resulting in smaller transformers and inductors and lower capacitance.

  • full-bridge isolated step down dc-dc converter
  • high speed switching ecogan™
  • high speed gate driver for gan hemt
  • isolated dc/dc controller
  • smaller components area compared with si mosfet based solution


part no. drain-source voltage
gate-source voltage
drain-source current
ids[a] tc=25°c
drain-source on resistance
total gate charge
gne1040tb 150 8 10 40 2.0 dfn5060
15 15 4.9
20 7 10.2

☆ under development

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design resources

  • refpdt006-1


board number input voltage output voltage output current switching frequency size
refpdt006-1 48v 24v 15a 500khz 150mm x 90mm

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key components

board number part number product category datasheet status spice ltspice thermal model symbol & footprint 3d step samacsys ecad library calc tool rohm solution simulator
refpdt006-1 gan hemt under development -
refpdt006-1 gan hemt under development -